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Free Cutting Steels Definition and Properties

The word automat comes from the French word Automate. `` Free Cutting Steels '' for unalloyed steels containing 0.10 - 0.60% carbon, 0.15 - 0.40% sulfur, 0.06 - 0.11% phosphorus and 0.15 - 0.35% lead, which can be processed very easily in rapid machine tools working for mass production due to small and fragile chip formation. 'is named.


Free cutting steels are unalloyed quality steels with a high content of sulfur and manganese. 11SMn37 (1.0736) and 11SMn30 (1.0715) quality steels, which are widely used in our country, can be given.

  • 11SMn37: %0.11 C, %0.27- 0.33 S, %0.90-1.30 Mn
  • 11SMn30: %0.11 C, %0.34- 0.40 S, %1.00-1.50 Mn

General properties of free cutting steels are briefly listed below.

  • Good chip brittleness, low cutting forces and easy processing
  • Provide short processing times and long tool life
  • Good superficial properties
  • They can be heat treated
  • Poor resource properties